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Select the Design!!  UPDATE

After two days of social media outreach, the following designs will meet the $85 price point.  Style A5 and Style B.  If the numbers continue to grow for Style B, there will probably be a downward price adjustment to about $75.  Price includes shipping and handling.



Style A 5 = $85                                            Style B = $85

     Styles A 1; A 2; A 3; and A 4  = $110 (unless there are 12 or more total orders)

                       Pre-payment will be necessary ( I have to pay for all shirts before production)

NO EXCHANGES/REFUNDS based on fit  - These are custom designed. so make sure you use the sizing chart.  If there are quality issues, I will work with VOmax to make it right.

DISCLAIMER:  I am not a retail business.  This initiative was based on VMI Bookstore reluctance to market a VMI cycling jersey despite numerous requests from myself and my classmates.  I initially was just going to have 1 made for myself, and pay the $110.  Based on response, I've been able to get the price reduced based on volume of jersey's produced.                                

                                Order Form (available on Feb 15)


Field of Lost Shoes has contracted with VOmax  to create a custom designed cycling jersey.  Prior to production, you have an opportunity for imput into the final product.  Below are the proofs for a front and 5 possible rear styles.  Vote for # 1 thru #5 by selecting your favorite and a runner-up design.  The styles with pictures have varying degrees of pixelization as shown in the round insert next to the design.  The sharpest is style # 5.  You may vote by emailing Keydet71@gmail.com or by visiting the Field of Lost Shoes facebook page and commenting on the picture.  If you are interested in purchasing a jersey, the cost will be $85 which includes shipping.  There are no returns since this is a custom order.  To determine your size, there is a sizing chart at this link:  Custom Jersey Size  The jerseys will be available in Men's and Womens Sizes:  XS - SM - MD - LG- XL - 2XL - 3 XL - 4XL  and possibly (depending on demand) Youth Sizes:  SM - MD - LG.  Adult sizes come in either a Race Cut or a Club Cut.  See sizing chart for details on how to measure.  Jerseys will be available around May 1st.  (Just in time for New Market Day!)





Battle of New Market Chess Set:

Original 54mm metal toy soldier chess set featuring charging VMI cadets by Frontline Figures.  The set also includes a VMI cadet flagbearer, also by Frontline Figures.

The Union pieces feature pawns by Britains and reflect the 54th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry and 34th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment that were part of General Franz Sigel's forces at the Battle of New Market.


5th New York Zouaves and 1st Texas Brigade

Coming this year (2106), the Battle of 2nd Manassas with the 5th New York Zouaves and Hood's Division of Texas Brigades in 54mm metal. 


In the spring of 1864, Lieutenant General Ulysses S. Grant set in motion a grand strategy designed to press the Confederacy into submission. "My primary mission," reasoned Grant, "is to ... bring pressure to bear on the Confederacy so no longer could it take advantage of interior lines." Control of the strategically important and agriculturally rich Shenandoah Valley was a key element in General Grant's plans. While he confronted General Robert E. Lee's Army of Northern Virginia in the eastern part of the state, Grant ordered Major General Franz Sigel's army of 10,000 to secure the Valley and threaten Lee's flank, starting the Valley Campaigns of 1864.

Receiving word that the Union Army had entered the Valley, Confederate General John C. Breckinridge pulled together all available forces to repulse the latest threat. The VMI Cadet Corps, over half of whom were first year students, or "Rats", were called to join Breckinridge and his army of 4,500 veterans. The cadets, under the direction of VMI Commandant of Cadets Lt. Col. Scott Ship, marched 80 miles (130 km) in four days to meet up with General Breckinridge's Confederate force. The cadets were intended to be a reserve and employed in battle only under the most dire circumstances. The two armies met at New Market on May 15, 1864. "I shall advance on him", the aggressive Breckinridge declared. "We can attack and whip them here and we will do it!" As the general rode by the cadets he shouted, "Gentlemen, I trust I will not need your services today; but if I do, I know you will do your duty."



         Mexican Army Pawn               Colonel Travis 

Texas Battle for Independence - The Alamo

Coming in 2nd half of 2017






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